Doctor Pitts is proud to offer premier medical services and expertise to patients throughout Chicagoland. Your health is our priority. He i a seasoned  doctor who provides unmatched patient care. With staff privileges at Northwestern Memorial Hospital the doctor is now located at 233  E Erie Street across from  the  Feinberg pavilion of Northwestern Memorial Hospital Additionally, Dr. Pitts consults at Mercy Hospital and Cook County Provident Hospitals as an endocrine specialist. He is a past  local and regional president  of the American Diabetes Association, and an associate professor of clinical medicine   at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff members are both efficient and caring. Creating a pleasant and comforting patient experience both doctors and staff are pleased to offer the highest quality care, using state of the art technology, enhancing both patient and doctor information to speed diagnosis and enhance care quality.  The patient relationship is honored  by  "first seeking to understand",  then "seeking to be understood". By helping patients to learn about their health, benefits can be derived that can positively impact future future generations. 

Our goal is your good health!